Collection: Equipment for Body

Welcome to our body equipment selection. Here, you'll find a variety of professional body contouring machines to help contour, tone, shape, and slim your body. We carry several types of body contouring equipment that yield similar results through different modalities.
Our equipment includes Vacuum Cups and massage rollers made from metal, acrylic, glass, or silicone, molded in various shapes and sizes for individual needs. These cups and rollers act as vacuums, providing a "reverse massage" to lift and stretch connective tissues, promoting circulation and toxin elimination. This results in smoother skin and targeted shaping, including lifting buttocks, addressing hip dips, and reducing cellulite and back tension.
We also offer Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) for muscle refinement and toning. EMS sends electrical signals through electrode pads, stimulating muscles for enhanced strength, endurance, and fat breakdown, leading to a defined physique.
Our Lipo Light body contouring uses light energy to target and shrink fat cells, offering a non-surgical, downtime-free way to achieve a slimmer physique. Low-level light beams are applied to the body during a session, penetrating deep into fat cells. This process enhances the natural release of excess fatty content, which is then metabolized and eliminated by the body's lymphatic system. The result is smoother, more toned contours and visible inch loss in treated areas, providing effective fat reduction.
Additionally, we offer mechanical compression micro-vibration, where rotating clusters of balls on a roller generate a pulsation compression effect. This action stimulates cell activity, blood flow, and oxygen content, reducing cellulite appearance. The pressure also relieves muscle stiffness and soreness, accelerates metabolism, and eliminates fluid accumulation for an overall rejuvenating effect.
Our body-slimming devices adhere to the highest quality and safety standards, allowing your body to achieve its best-looking version with no downtime.

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