Collection: Spa Equipment Sale

Here, you can find high quality equipment at great prices. Explore our various facial, body contouring, laser, and other equipment at marked down prices throughout the season. We run a number of sales throughout the year. Past sales have included those for Mother’s Day, 4th of July, Winter Holidays, and more.

Here are a few systems that are often on sale at Glownar Aesthetics:

Curv Vacuum and Cupping Therapy: perfect for reducing cellulite and relaxing muscles throughout the body. A combination of traditional cupping therapy combined with vacuum therapy allows clients to tighten their skin all around and even plump the buttocks, like a natural BBL.

Snella Body Contouring Lipolaser: naturally stimulates fat loss by penetrating a safe laser in areas of high fat content, like the stomach or thighs. It is comparable to liposuction without surgery. The best advantage of this device is how hands-free it is: laser pads are strapped onto the client and slim the area over a set period of time. The technician only has to set up the client, and the device does the rest of the work.

Reach out to us if you are trying to decide which equipment is the best for your beauty spa. Estheticians have been recommending our products for years because we offer free training, lifetime support, warranties, detailed manuals, and more. Invest in your business today by choosing Glownar.

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