Collection: Portable Devices for Home Use

Portable Devices for Professional or Home Use

Portable skincare devices are one of the greatest modern conveniences. The ability to travel with or conveniently carry a lightweight professional skin treatment device to improve your skin on the go is unmatched. That’s why Glownar offers an incredible line of portable skincare machines for professional or home use, ranging from LED therapy to ultrasonic skin scrubbing.

Check out some of our most popular portable skincare machines for on-the-go use:

Time Master Pro Ultrasound with LED: Supports skin rejuvenation by smoothing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles with the assistance of collagen gel. Equipped with ultrasound waves, EMS, and LED therapy, it aids in product penetration and stimulates collagen formation for strong, lifted skin that looks years younger.

Gloss Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber: Perfect for exfoliating dead skin cells and improving complexion. Includes a built-in mist to keep your skin hydrated while gently extracting impurities. Its blue LED light also has antimicrobial effects to prevent acne breakouts.

Zena Portable Vacuum Therapy: Utilizes gentle vacuum roller therapy to diminish cellulite and localized fat, smoothing out dimpled or sagging skin while providing lymphatic drainage.

Karly Advanced Multifunctional Device: Combines various facial modalities in one convenient device, including radiofrequency, electroporation, ultrasound therapy, ultrasonic vibrating massage, positive and negative galvanic therapy, and 5 LED light therapy colors. Great for improving elasticity and firming the skin.
Check out all the options available and explore which portable device is right for you.
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