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Biolure Microcurrent, EMS and Electroporation

Biolure Microcurrent, EMS and Electroporation

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Welcome to the forefront of beauty technology with Biolure – a groundbreaking 4-in-1 beauty machine seamlessly combining Microcurrent, EMS, Electroporation, and Red Light Therapy in a beautifully designed, high-tech package. Elevate your beauty routines by integrating four highly sought-after procedures into one machine, offering the perfect synergy of profitability, efficiency, and outstanding results.

Biolure's Microcurrent feature utilizes advanced technology through specially designed probes, making it a popular choice for skin rejuvenation. This electrotherapy technique contours and tones mature skin, contributing to a more youthful appearance. Positively and negatively charged active electrodes optimize facial aesthetics without impacting the body's structure or function. The microcurrents mimic the body’s natural currents, rejuvenating facial muscles and achieving remarkable lifting and toning effects. This non-invasive procedure enhances facial contours, making it a highly demanded and confidence-boosting treatment.

The EMS functionality of this microcurrent and radiofrequency facial device refines and tones facial contours, complementing the demand for non-invasive procedures that activate the body’s natural processes. Achieving enhanced facial contour and tone, this next-generation technology has garnered widespread love from users seeking effective and comfortable treatments.

Adding to its versatility, Biolure incorporates Red Light Therapy into its EMS and Electroporation features. This therapy further refines and tones facial contours while offering the benefits of red light for skin health. Red Light Therapy has been recognized for promoting collagen production, reducing inflammation, and improving overall skin texture.

Electroporation, another remarkable feature of the Biolure, focuses on improving the absorption of active ingredients in serums and skincare solutions. Often referred to as needle-free mesotherapy, this non-invasive and painless process enhances the effectiveness of skincare products like hyaluronic acid and antioxidants. Biolure's Electroporation capability allows for a deeper and more efficient treatment of skin concerns, providing a significant boost to your skincare routine.

Experience the future of beauty technology with Biolure, where innovation meets efficiency and outstanding results. This all-in-one device offers a transformative approach to skincare, ensuring your clients receive the best in Microcurrent, EMS, Electroporation, and Red Light Therapy for a truly revitalized and radiant appearance.

What is Microcurrent?

Microcurrent therapy is a popular option for those seeking to rejuvenate their skin. It employs advanced technology to contour and tone mature skin, contributing to a more youthful appearance. This therapy utilizes positively and negatively charged active electrodes optimizing a rejuvenated facial aesthetic without affecting the body's structure or function.

Microcurrent is a type of electrotherapy which delivers micro-currents that mimic the body’s natural currents. When this energy is delivered into the skin, the body interprets them as natural and it is able to rejuvenate the facial muscles. Specifically, microcurrent is extremely beneficial for lifting and toning facial contours, achieving incredible results.

Benefits of Microcurrent:

  • Supports facial contours
  • Potential reduction of signs of aging 
  • Supports overall vitality
  • Skin rejuvenation
  • Results are cumulative

What is EMS?

EMS works to refine and tone, it enhances facial contours making this non-invasive treatment a highly demanded one. This procedure non-invasively activates the body’s natural processes, confidence in one's physique is a highly achievable result. 

Through enhancing facial contour and tone, the Biolure offers next-generation technology that has been loved by all users.

Benefits of EMS:

  • Shapes and contours the face and body
  • Improves confidence of physique
  • Reduces appearance of saggy skin
  • Supports overall body health and wellness

What is Electroporation?

Electroporation works to improve the absorption of active ingredients in serums and skin solutions, such as hyaluronic acid and antioxidants. 

This process is often referred to as needle-free mesotherapy because it is non-invasive and completely painless. Electroporation is great for amplifying your skincare products allowing them to address skin concerns more effectively.

Benefits of Electroporation:

  • Rejuvenates facial skin for a more even tone and a glowing complexion 
  • Supports skincare products effectiveness
  • Improves confidence in appearance

Red Light Therapy

Red light therapy offers a variety of potential benefits within the realm of general wellness and is suitable for various skin types and potentially contributing to overall skin health.  It is commonly known to promote rejuvenation, aiding in soothing, brightening and addressing signs of aging, resulting in a more vibrant complexion.

Benefits of Red Light Therapy

  • Promotion of even skin tone
  • Enhancement of skin rejuvenation 
  • May also help restore glow to dull skin
  • Encourages the bodies natural production of collagen
  • Promotion of even skin tone
  • Supports overall vitality
  • Combats appearance of sun damage
  • May reduce signs of aging

What Products Can You Use With This Equipment?

Recommended Products

Monaco Trolley

Ultrasound Conductive Gel (required for Microcurrent)

Equipment Features and Specifications

Voltage: 110-220V

Microcurrent: 1Hz

EL Frequency: 3KHz

EMS Frequency: 65 Hz

Weight: 4 lbs

Size: L 9" x W 5" x H 4"

What Products Can This Be Used With?

Aqualina Hyaluronic Conductive Gel

Equipment Features and Specifications

Voltage: 110-220V

RF Frequency: 3MHz

Frequency: 1.5K

Microcurrent: 1Hz

Weight: 4 lbs

Size: L 9" x W 5" x H 4"


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