Collection: Spa Essentials

The essentials; all the basics you need in one place. These salon service essential products provide the best foundation to get started and keep you going.

In addition to the equipment, some essentials we recommend for any spa or salon include digital and ozone steamers, magnifying lamps, towel warmers and sterilizers, Aqualina serums and skincare, ultrasound gels, beds, stools, trolleys, and more. These items are essential to have in your workspace as they are used during many different treatments, whether it be facials or body contouring.

All of our equipment includes free training via video call or in-person, lifetime U.S.-based support, detailed manuals, marketing support, and warranties.

These salon essential products offer high-quality, popularly requested beauty treatments, with results ranging from a natural microcurrent facelift to hydrodermabrasion, and even non-invasive BBLs, body contouring, and slimming services.
Some of the highly rated essential equipment purchased time and time again include:

Pro LED Light Therapy and Microcurrent: combines multiple benefits of both LED light therapy and microcurrent skin tightening to save time, space, maximizing profits and results. Anti-aging skin rejuvenation coupled with more even, clearer skin with the benefits of 7 different LED colors and relaxing music is what makes this machine so unique and popular.
Fit Moderna: The endless possibilities and combination of services this system provides makes it a top pick for everyone. The vacuum Cups and massage rollers are made from metal, acrylic, glass, or silicone, molded in various shapes and sizes for customizing to each individual's needs. These cups and rollers act as vacuums, providing a "reverse massage" to lift and contour, promoting circulation and toxin elimination. This results in smoother skin and targeted shaping, including lifting buttocks, addressing hip dips, and reducing cellulite and back tension.
In addition to all of that this system provides Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) for muscle refinement and toning. EMS sends electrical signals through electrode pads, stimulating muscles for enhanced strength, endurance, and fat breakdown, leading to a defined physique.
Soline 5-in-1 Expert: Our most loved all in one hydrodermabrasion machine, known for its impressive results time after time. Beauty meets innovation with this machine, incorporating all the wonderful modalities for skin rejuvenation. It provides you with a versatile and powerful skincare solution to address all of your clients' concerns.
Bellezza: Includes the most popular facial modalities, which produces incredible results when using them individually and even more unbelievable results when combining them all together. The 10 different functions allow you to create customized and personalized facial procedures for all of your clients individual needs. Now, you can combine the ten highly demanded services in one machine to maximize profit, efficiency, and results.
Gloss Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber: Perfect for on the go or at the spa exfoliating dead skin cells and improving complexion. Includes a built-in mist to keep your skin hydrated while gently extracting impurities. Its blue LED light also has antimicrobial effects to prevent acne breakouts.
O2toDerm LED Oxygen Dome: Utilizes both an oxygen infusion gun and LED dome to deliver essential oxygen molecules into the skin, eliminating acne-causing bacteria and improving both skin tone and health from the inside out. This oxygen facial machine includes LED therapy in red, blue, green, and yellow along with included skin care products to further rejuvenate skin.
Snella: Our hands free Lipo Light body contouring uses light energy to target and shrink fat cells, offering a non-surgical, downtime-free way to achieve a slimmer physique. Low-level light beams are applied to the body during a session, penetrating deep into fat cells. This process enhances the natural release of excess fatty content, which is then metabolized and eliminated by the body's lymphatic system. The result is smoother, more toned contours and visible inches loss in treated areas, providing effective fat reduction. This system is commonly paired with facial services since they can be performed at the same time maximizing time, efficiency, results and profits.

We also have a large selection of bundled items together for additional discounts to help you get all the items you need at the best price. Not sure which machines are ideal for you? Our licensed Estheticians can help you decide which combination of machines best suits your needs.

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