Collection: Equipment for Body

Here, you can find a variety of professional body contouring machines to help tone and slim your body, or treat skin concerns like unwanted hair. We carry several different types of body contouring equipment yielding similar results with different processes.

Ultrasonic cavitation allows for the disruption of cellular membranes in adipocytes or fat cells. It promotes body contouring, slimming, and weight loss. With cavitation, a high number of fat cells can be destroyed at once, so the treatment is highly effective, and results are visible after just one session. Learn more about just a few of our many treatments and equipment available for body sculpting:

Radiofrequency therapy uses a high-frequency alternating current to heat tissue in the dermis to increase collagen, which consequently decreases skin laxity and photoaging. This works to combat the natural loss of collagen we endure as we age, resulting in firmer, toned skin. Radiofrequency therapy reverses signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles by inducing tissue remodeling and replenishing depleted collagen.

Microcurrent therapy delivers harmless micro-currents of electricity to your skin, to make muscles firmer, lifted, and tightened. It is known as a natural facelift by many. It is perfect for achieving incredible results without any need for Botox or fillers. It can be used to either tighten muscles or to reduce sagging in the skin or to relax muscles, which is helpful for diminishing wrinkles.

These body-slimming devices are of the highest quality and safety standards to allow your body to reach the best-looking version of itself with no downtime or pain.

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