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The Medi Next Advanced IPL Laser System

The Medi Next Advanced IPL Laser System

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The Medi Next Advanced IPL Laser System is FDA-approved and has been effectively providing photo epilation, facial photorejuvenation, acne and blemish removal, and treatment of vascular lesions for years.

This IPL treatment machine utilizes a completely digital system that optimizes drastic results as quickly and as safely as possible. Its high-performance, the innovative cooling system allows you to work for longer periods of time without constantly altering temperature and obtain a better optimal performance in the procedure.
  • Works with Fitzpatrick skin type 1-5, although the results tend to be better with lighter skin and darker hair tones
  • This intense pulsed light therapy machine offers advanced aesthetic technology for successful body and facial treatments
  • You should not worry about a high investment, nor if you do not have a physical space to work. This IPL treatment machine is the ideal option if you work at home or in the offices
  • It allows you to offer the latest technologies and latest trends in the market, which ensures the permanence of your patients and the entry of new clients

3 modes of hair removal:

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL)

This mode allows you to do the conventional hair removal treatment and it's used on the face and body. This technology is a versatile tool essential for every successful professional. IPL emits powerful polychromatic light pulses to generate changes in the patient's skin. It also offers the possibility of manipulating the duration and modality of the light pulses, wave, and intervals. 

Super Hair Removal (SHR)

This mode allows you to provide treatment with continuous motion on larger areas such as legs, arms, back, and other areas with a lot of hair. This function emits 10 shots per 1 second and is combined with a semiconductor cooling system for a pain-free and effective experience.

Fractional Pulse (FP)

This function allows you to remove hair on smaller and more sensitive areas such as the bikini area and underarms. It uses a series of pulses to eliminate hair in areas like the upper lip, hairline, front of the ears, and more.

Skin Rejuvenation Treatments

Medi Next Advanced IPL Laser System not only allows you to provide a variety of treatments for permanent hair removal but also enables you to do skin rejuvenation procedures. All these by acquiring a very low-cost IPL hair removal and skin rejuvenation machine that guarantees accurate treatments and maximization of profits for your business.

You can treat spots caused by pregnancy, sun damage, rosacea, and others with its skin rejuvenation option, and more:

  • Acne: treatment using the photodynamic effect with anti-bacterial properties, in addition to selective photothermolysis that reduces sebaceous secretion. Also improves skin tone by eliminating red spots and irregular pigmentation.
  • Pigmentation lesions: includes melasma, solar lentigo, poikiloderma, freckles, and nevomelanocytic lesions
  • Facial rejuvenation: alleviates wrinkles, spots, thinning of the skin, and telangiectasias on the face, neck, décolleté, and back of the hands.
  • Dilated pores: present in all skin types
  • Wrinkles: fine and marked
  • Skin with sun damage: treat sunspots and discoloration from UV damage
  • Lack of shine and luster on the skin of the face, hands, neck, and neckline.
  • Seborrheic lesions from seborrheic keratosis

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    Equipment Features and Specifications

    Lifespan: 200 thousand shots 

    3 IPL treatment modes: Traditional IPL, SHR, and FP

    Wavelength: HR: 690-1200 nm, SR: 560-1200 nm

    Spot Size:

    • SR Handpiece 8mm x 34mm 
    • HR Handpiece: 16mm x 57 mm

    Fluence: up to 45J/cm, 40J/cm

    Input Power: 3000 Watt

    Discharge frequency: 1Hz

    Equipment Dimension: 21″ x 20″ x 42.5″

    Gross Weight: 99 lbs


    Along with educational materials, we also proudly offer free personalized training to help you succeed in using your equipment. Our licensed estheticians are available to schedule a time completely dedicated to training you in our location or through video calls. Our goal is to provide excellent training so that you can safely and effectively perform services with your brand-new equipment. We enjoy helping people like you and take great pride in our relationships with our clients.

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