Equipment, supplies and/or skincare may be subject to enhancement, modification or substitution without notice. Product photos are for representation purposes only and may not be an exact match of the product offered for sale. Please rely on the product description details when ordering. *PRICES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE*.

In some states, only medical professionals are allowed to perform certain procedures. Each state has specific governing rules and it is your responsibility to contact the proper governing body for approval before using any of the featured equipment. 

GlowNar Aesthetic LLC provides training on equipment purchased from us, however we are not a licensing establishment. Training Certificates provided by Glownar Aesthetics, LLC is intended only for buyers. The Training Certificate may not be substituted as a governing agency's licensure to provide services or operate equipment. Buyers are responsible for obtaining necessary certifications for the treatments they wish to provide, as outlined by their state laws.

All of our equipment are sold for cosmetic purposes only and are not intended to treat any medical conditions.

The BUYER of any machine on this website, by purchasing, assumes total and full responsibility, including but not limited to, all possible complications regarding health, pain, damage to skin, burns from misuse, damage to property, and failing to keep this product out of the reach of children. By purchasing the item the BUYER agrees to all terms and assumes full responsibility for the use and/or misuse of this item.   BUYER also acknowledges that they are certified and/or licensed, as may be required by their state, to perform procedures and/or treatments with the machine(s) they are purchasing.

We provide educational materials with each purchase and recommend getting familiar with safety features and contraindications of each product ordered from GlowNar Aesthetics LLC. The BUYER is responsible to learn as much as possible about this product and its safety procedures as explained by professionals.  

The BUYER, by purchasing, also agrees that all the information in regards to the SELLER’s Warnings and Disclaimer have been read and accepted.