Spark LED Light Therapy
Spark LED Light Therapy
Spark LED Light Therapy
Spark LED Light Therapy
Spark LED Light Therapy
Spark LED Light Therapy

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Spark LED Light Therapy

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How LED Light Therapy Improves Skin

This treatment is among a favorite of estheticians and clients alike due to its calming effects and ability to be provided simultaneously with other treatments. It is completely non-invasive, natural, and relaxing to patients with all different kinds of skin. By soothing skin, eliminating fine lines and wrinkles, and supporting collagen and elastin production, LED light therapy is a miraculous treatment. Different wavelengths represent different colors of the visible spectrum. These colors each have their own unique healing properties.

Spark LED Light combines 3 main colors that can work independently. Total of 6 colors are included in Spark LED Light Therapy

In addition to the 3 main colors it features combination of colors in 5 Modes: 

Mode 1: Red & Green

Mode 2: Red & Blue

Mode 3: Green & Blue

Mode 4: Red, Green & Blue

Mode 5: Combination of all colors

One of the most effective wavelength ranges fall under that of Red light, renowned for improving blood flow, stimulating the production of energy within body cells, decreasing inflammation, and giving the skin a much younger look and feel.


  • Increases energy production in cells
  • Encourages production of elastin, collagen, and fibroblasts
  • Softens lines and wrinkles in all areas of the face (forehead, around eyes, around mouth)
  • Alleviates acne by reducing inflammation
  • Speeds up any healing processes in the skin
  • Increases nutrient supply in the areas it affects
  • Supports hydration in the skin by relieving dry skin
  • Reduces age spots and sun damage by stimulating cellular activity


Green LED light has a calming effect on the skin and has been proven to assist in reducing melasma and other issues of skin discoloration. The wavelengths of the green LED light target melanocytes, or melanin-producing cells in the bottom layer of the epidermis. By targeting melanocytes, excess melanin is blocked from traveling to the surface of the skin. This breaks up clusters of pigment and therefore diminishes any existing unwanted hyperpigmentation.


-Improves hyperpigmentation

-Stimulates nutrient uptake into the skin

-Repairs damaged skin

-Improves sagging skin around eyes

-Relieves mental stress

-Minimizes sun spots

Blue LED light has been proven to use its powerful antibacterial properties to kill acne-causing bacteria, thus preventing and treating acne at the same time. Helping to successfully treat active breakouts, prevent future breakouts, and help plump the appearance of lines and wrinkles, blue light has a variety of applicable uses. Blue light also helps to purify the skin, stabilize oil glands, and soothe inflammation.


-Eliminates bacteria without damaging the skin

-Prevents breakouts

-Achieves brighter and clear skin

-Softens the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

-Calms the skin

-Oxygenates the skin

Product features and Specifications


  • Red: 640 nm
  • Blue: 470 nm
  • Yellow: 590 nm
  • Orange: 640 nm
  • Green: 520 nm 
  • Purple: 420 nm
  • Frequency 50 Hz
  • Total of 200 light bulbs
  • Voltage: 110V
  • Weight: 5 lbs
  • Size W17" H13" W9"


Along with educational materials, we also proudly offer free personalized training to help you succeed in using your equipment. Our licensed estheticians are available to schedule a time completely dedicated to training you in our location or through video call. Our goal is to provide excellent training so that you can safely and effectively perform services with your brand new equipment. We enjoy helping people like you and take great pride in our relationships with our clients.