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Goldskin PRO Microneedle Insulated RF M-25 Tip

Goldskin PRO Microneedle Insulated RF M-25 Tip

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This insulated M-25 tip is designed for Microneedling Radiofrequency with the Goldskin Pro. It includes a total of 25 pins that penetrate the dermis and epidermis to induce collagen remodeling and tighten skin, erase signs of aging, and fade scars. 

Insulated needles have a layer of insulation around them, so heat is only emitted from the very tip into the lower layers of the skin, like the dermis. Advanced vacuum suction technology works to pull the skin up as needles penetrate the epidermis. This stabilizes the microneedles for more precise, safer applications, especially around sensitive areas. 

The Goldskin Pro Microneedling tip is designed to be used on areas of the face like the forehead, chin, and cheeks.

  • Durable needles with gold plating can be used even on patients with metal allergies
  • More effective than traditional microneedling because radiofrequency energy reaches deeper layers of the skin for better results in a shorter time  
  • Control needle depth by 0.2mm to target either the epidermis or dermis
  • LED light shows where the RF energy is being applied for more precise treatments
  • Needle penetrates the skin smoothly with no shock or bleeding
  • More comfortable than traditional skin resurfacing treatments
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