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Revita Ink Remaster Tattoo Removal & Skin Rejuvenation

Revita Ink Remaster Tattoo Removal & Skin Rejuvenation

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                                                          SKU 6035

Introducing the Revita Ink Remaster Tattoo Removal & Skin Rejuvenation treatment laser – a cutting-edge solution meticulously crafted with the latest technologies for tattoo removal and skin revitalization. This advanced equipment is designed to address various colored inks and pigmented concerns, setting a new standard in comfort, precision, and versatility.

The lightweight handpiece, equipped with an air cooling head, not only enhances patient comfort but also ensures swift recovery times between sessions. The system's Touch Screen Android operating system provides an intelligent and user-friendly platform, making it a seamless experience for both technicians and patients.

The Revita Ink laser for tattoo removal and skin rejuvenation treatments goes beyond conventional tattoo removal, offering a spectrum of treatments such as skin rejuvenation, facial carbon peeling, and targeting red and brown pigmented lesions. It boasts adjustable parameters, including energy, wavelength, frequency, spot size, and more, allowing practitioners to customize treatments based on individual needs.

The laser handle smart technology and fine design emphasize details and precision, providing a safe, lightweight, and convenient experience. The system incorporates top-tier components such as a UK Xenon Lamp for powerful energy, Japan Imported Capacitor for stable energy output, a Special Laser Rod for compact yet potent performance, and a Pre-ignition Power Supply for higher energy and longer life.

CRM functions, including user data establishment, storage, analysis, transmission, and multi-device sharing, create a comprehensive system for efficient practice management. The main functions, such as user management, video, voice, language, pictures, files, software version update, and internet access, further enhance the system's usability.

The constant temperature refrigeration module ensures the system's ability to work continuously, while the advanced contact cooling technology maintains optimal skin temperature for comfortable treatments. With a maximum frequency speed of 10 Hz, the Revita Ink enables fast and efficient treatments.

The inclusion of multiple treatment tips with wavelengths ranging from 532nm to 1320nm allows the laser to target various unwanted pigments effectively. The super-light handle and easily interchangeable treatment heads contribute to a streamlined and user-friendly experience.

The Revita Ink Remaster is not just a tattoo removal system; it's a comprehensive solution for skin rejuvenation and pigmentation concerns. With its exceptional features, advanced technology, and versatile applications, this machine offers a low investment with a high return, making it an indispensable asset for modern aesthetic practices.


Wavelength: 532nm, 755nm, 1064nm, 1320nm

Fluence: 10-2000 J/cm2

Frequency: 1-10Hz

Spot area: 2mm * 5mm

Laser power: 500 Watts

Voltage: 110V 

Skin Types: 1-6

Cooling Temperature 5°C

Weight: 48 lbs

Size: 24”L x 21”W x 20”H 


Along with educational materials, we also proudly offer free personalized training to help you succeed in using your equipment. Our licensed estheticians are available to schedule a time completely dedicated to training you in our location or through video call. Our goal is to provide excellent training so that you can safely and effectively perform services with your brand new equipment. We enjoy helping people like you and take great pride in our relationships with our clients.


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