02ToDerm Oxygen Dome
02ToDerm Oxygen Dome
02ToDerm Oxygen Dome
02ToDerm Oxygen Dome
02ToDerm Oxygen Dome

02ToDerm Oxygen Dome

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O2toDerm comes with an Oxygen Dome, Oxygen Infusion, special and exclusive products, a cart designed specifically for the system to best hold it and it's products.

90% Oxygen Dome 

Anions are negative ions that usually used to clear air in a room of airborne allergens, pollen, mold spores, bacteria and viruses, dust, pet dander and cigarette smoke. This technology has been harnessed in a machine that pulls in the room air, separates out the nitrogen, and gives us a 90% oxygen stream.  The stream is pumped through a large dome that covers your skin, so that the anions can be trapped in the space around your facial skin.  The skin absorbs the anions, and you breathe them in for added benefit.  They influence skin health but also have benefits to the body as a whole.


Oxygen Infusion 

Oxygen  Infusion Therapy is a protocol that infuses the skin with an all-natural anti-aging molecule: pure oxygen. This re-energizes tired cells in the skin to recover their splendor and youth. The skin appears more plump, hydrated and regains light and clarity. Oxygen therapy is also ideal when combined with other treatments, according to skin type and needs. This technique is one of the most demanded and can be used in combination of serums and other cosmetic products.


Oxygen Products 

O2toDerm has specially crafted products exclusive to this system. 

The Oxygen Bomb Whipping Mask:

  • Cleanses pores deeply, protects the moisture barrier of the skin and maintains

The Oxygen Water Energy Cream:

  • A lightweight, creamy moisturizer that maintains healthy and radiant skin, revitalizes tired skin and helps to lighten the skin while reducing wrinkles & fine lines. 

Oxygen Bomb Whipping Ampules:

  • High moisturizing and nutritious ampule that allows rich -
    deep nourishment and moisturization on tired skin, continue moisturizing, provides faster skin soothing, helps to keep moisture and softness even after use.


Along with educational materials, we also proudly offer free personalized training to help you succeed in using your equipment. Our licensed estheticians are available to schedule a time completely dedicated to training you in our location or through video call. Our goal is to provide excellent training so that you can safely and effectively perform services with your brand new equipment. We enjoy helping people like you and take great pride in our relationships with our clients.