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Soothing Chamomile Cleansing Lotion

Soothing Chamomile Cleansing Lotion

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This gentle cleanser is designed to cleanse skin thoroughly. Chamomile, Vitamin A, and Vitamin E provide the necessary healing moisture properties to prevent dry, red irritation. This rebalancing and superior soothing cleanser can soothe such irritation caused by harsh environments such as weather, pollutants, or other unhealthy conditions.

Soothing Chamomile Cleansing Lotion is perfect for dry/sensitive skin.


  • Chamomile – Naturally derived from the Chamomile flower and cold processed to concentrate, the soothing, regenerating properties of the plant are concentrated in the herbal fragrance.
  • Squalane – A naturally derived ingredient found in olives has been known to be the closest comparable ingredient to human sebum, providing softness while replacing necessary oils.
  • Vitamin E – Antioxidant that protects the skin from free radical damage caused by the environment (UV radiation, chemical pollutants).
  • Vitamin A – Studies have shown that Vitamin A helps increase skin elasticity and normalizing dry, parched skin.
  • Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice (Organic) – Aloe vera benefits the skin by soothing, moisturizing, and supporting relief of irritation. Its natural antioxidants and enzymes help in reducing blemishes, supporting skin barrier health, and promoting a brighter, more even skin tone.

White, opaque, milky lotion with the natural essential oil scent of Chamomile.

Spa – Used for cleansing and removing makeup and dirt at the beginning of the facial process.
Home – Use twice daily. Gently massage with fingertips on the face and neck area. Rinse with a warm washcloth.

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