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No-Contact Infrared Thermometer

No-Contact Infrared Thermometer

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This medical-grade no-contact infrared thermometer or temperature gun is perfect for easily and accurately measuring the temperature of the skin. Many esthetic treatments, like Radiofrequency therapy, require the skin to be heated to a certain threshold in order to work and create results. Using this no-contact infrared thermometer allows estheticians to be 100% comfortable and confident that their clients' skin is heated to the appropriate temperature, and prevents the skin from getting too hot or burning.

Advanced medical infrared technology, coupled with incredibly fast temperature measurements and instant readings, makes this thermometer handy for measuring skin temperature. Ultra-sensitive infrared sensors ensure accurate and precise readings every single time.


Backlit LCD screen

Accurately measures targets at a distance

No-contact use

Instant readings

Automatically turns off to preserve battery life

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