Ageless face massager
Ageless face massager
Ageless face massager
Ageless face massager
Ageless face massager
Ageless face massager

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Ageless face massager

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This easy-to-carry device is perfectly designed to be used around the most delicate areas of our face, such as on the lip line and around the eyes. Sonic vibrations at 104 degrees F help open pores in the skin and improve the absorption of eye creams. The high frequency mode helps penetrate products into the deeper layers of the skin in just a short amount of time. The vibration mode on the Ageless face massager increases blood circulation, aids in relaxing the eyes, and supports glowing and healthy skin. 

Benefits of the Ageless Face Massager

-Lightens dark circles

-Eliminates puffiness

-Soothes the skin

-Improves uneven skin tone

-Reduces wrinkles and fine lines

What Products Can be Used With This?

-Cleansing products


-Conductive gel

Product features and specifications

-Vibration frequency: 6000/min

-USB charger included

-Charging time: 2 hours

-Power: 3W

-Charging Voltage 5V

-Weight: 1 lb

-Size L4.5'  W1.5'


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