Elite Advanced Aesthetic system
Elite Advanced Aesthetic system

Elite Advanced Aesthetic system

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Elite Advanced Aesthetic system Elite combines 10 incredible functions into one cut-edge equipment of modern and clean design allows to provide the perfect facial service to your customers. Its compact design of lacquered wooden finish, easy mobility, folding steamer arm, drop-down lamp, with 4 drawers and 2 sides doors help you save money and space in your salon or spa.

  • Ozone Steamer
  • Exfoliating Massage Brush
  • High Frequency
  • Galvanic
  • Ultrasound Therapy
  • Vacuum and Spray Diffuser
  • LED Magnifying Lamp (5 Diopter)
  • 4 drawers and storage
  • Hot and Cold Device

How this Multifunctional Machine Work?

Ozone Steamer

This equipment comes with an ozone steamer that sterilizes distilled water (steam) that goes to your client’s face. This, in turns, guarantees the purity of the treatment.

Products compatible with this treatment:

  • Cleansing solutions
  • Hydrating solutions
  • Healing solutions
  • Deep Pore solutions
  • Clarifying Facial Toner

Exfoliating Massage Brush

This equipment comes with a double-function brush which uses natural goat hair to provide a relaxing, soft-to-touch massage. Due to its circular shape and adjustable rotation speed, clients will feel a gentle exfoliation when you rub the solution or cream of your preference on them.

Brush attachments:

  • Large brush
  • Small brush
  • Large buffer
  • Small buffer
  • Large Sponge

High Frequency

This function fulfills two purposes: to increase circulation and sterilize skin, which accelerates healing. It works with ultraviolet glass electrodes suitable with all skin types. The electrodes come in different sizes that allow you to accommodate the treatment to different areas of the body.


This works by using two techniques at once. The first is desincrustation, or the process to prepare the dermis for a deeper cleansing. Second, through Iontophoresis, a method to transport compounds into the body through the skin with electric current. This reduces redness, relieves tight tissues, and soothes nerves.


Ultrasonic therapy uses intensive sound waves at 12,000 vibrations per second to stimulate cells below the skin. Reaching the dermis, this jumpstarts collagen production, reduces inflammation, and promotes blood circulation. This treatment is completely safe, as it uses sound waves to naturally penetrate healthy nutrients and other ingredients into the skin without causing any pain or discomfort, all while leaving skin cleaned, toned, and brightened.

Ultrasound Attachments:

  • Large Flat Ultrasonic Probe
  • Cone Ultrasonic Probe

Vacuum and Spray Diffuser

The vacuum function can be used with glass probes and allows you to effectively treat blackheads, pimples, cysts, and comedones. It comes with glass probes in different sizes, which allows for a wide variety of treatments, ranging from blackheads and pimples to cysts and comedones.

Vacuum Attachments:

  • Color code hose
  • 3 glass probes:

Round: Spot treatments

Flat : Broad strokes to extract impurities

Bulb: High pressure extraction

The spray diffuser helps refresh and hydrate the skin. Several solutions can be used with this function, including: clarifying toners, oils, and serums.

Spray attachments:

  • 2 spray bottles (for multiple solutions)

LED Magnifying Lamp (5 Diopter)

With a new stylish design and protective lens cap, this lamp provides a clear light and a 5x magnification of any skin area, allowing for a fast and accurate intervention. It does not heat up and its 110 bulbs are silently low. This lamp last 49,000 hours longer than the average lamp.

4 Drawers and storage

These help organize your daily work by allowing you to accommodate electrodes and other tools.

Hot and Cold Device

This is an great function to use after any facial treatment. This device reaches two different temperatures on either side. The hot treatment stimulates blood circulation and relaxes the pores while the cold treatment soothes overheated skin and closes pores after the treatment.


This functions utilizes electrical impulses to increase the collagen production and stimulates fat-burning. It also comes with pair of microcurrent gloves to enhance the application of serums and other products onto the skin.

Skin Scrubbing

This function will enable the improvement of blood circulation. It works with high frequency vibrations to remove blackheads, dead cells, and dirt. Additionally, it massages the skin, helping regain elasticity and encourage collagen regeneration. At the same time, ultrasonic waves penetrate serums and other nutrients into the skin.  

Equipment Features and Specifications:

Voltage: 100v-120v

Frequency: 50Hz-60Hz

Standard control: Digital

Assembly: Required

Certification: CE

Gross Weight: 142 lbs

Packing Size: 48” x 40” x 25”


Along with educational materials, we also proudly offer free personalized training to help you succeed in using your equipment. Our licensed estheticians are available to schedule a time completely dedicated to training you in our location or through video call. Our goal is to provide excellent training so that you can safely and effectively perform services with your brand new equipment. We enjoy helping people like you and take great pride in our relationships with our clients